419 Cipp Installation under jorden

Skejby Sygehus

Søren Andersen

Søren Andersen


At Denmark’s largest hospital, our Bluelight LED System showed it was the right solution under challenging circumstances.

When the Danish University Hospital in Aarhus asked us to renew 419 CIPP installations in small dimensions, we had to think out of the box. It was important that the job was done on time, since they had to close down sections in buildings while we worked with the sewage system due to high hygiene requirements. As the market leader of trenchless solutions in Denmark, we always carry out projects with a sound prioritization and planning of requirements for renewal. This ensures a flexible execution of any type of pipe renewal.


Our LED system was the perfect solution for this project, since a large number of installations next to each other could be handled at the same time in a kind of industrial production line set-up. Another important advantage was that our resin is a styrene and smell free vinyl ester resin, which has a clear advantage for hospital settings. We developed and used specially designed electrical cars for transporting our equipment through the basement areas running below the hospital.